Starting to take some bookings for outdoor gigs. The first official post lockdown gig – but still being careful! – the masked avengers take the stage at….

The King’s Head. North Lopham. Playing outside on Sunday 30th August, between 4pm and 7pm. Please come and join us. It’s a Bank Holiday Barbecue.

Hey there. we’ve been taking some time out to get some new songs into shape. As much of a great time it’s been with all this rehearsing, we’re ready to hit the road again. We have a private party on April the 4th in Bury St Edmunds and then we are free for gigs after that. hope fully see you all soon.

Again sorry for the lack of updates. its been a super busy time. Our day jobs have been taking up a lot of our time – but we’ve still managed to get some good gigs under our belts. I will be updating the website over the next day or so. Most importantly we have a big gig at The Social Club in East Harling on Saturday the 7th. Sort of our Christmas Party.

Hopefully see everyone there.


About a month ago we played a great pub in Norwich – The Cottage. Had a great time. And a big shout out to the couple ¬†at the front that new the words to every song! Much to Denis’s dismay!